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6 October 2014


Time goes so quickly, and it is already October!  This year is just about spent and Christmas is upon us.  This has been a fruitful and eventful year.  Such a lot has happened and so many things have been done in this year.

Thank you for all the support, love and concern that you all show to all of us here at the church.  We all really feel loved and cared for, blessed beyond our deserving!  I thank my God for you all each time I pray.  I pray that the peace of our Lord and Father will surround you, enfold you and hold you close to His heart!

Our youth and confirmands went on a camp this past weekend!  Thank you Shaun, Joe and Alzera, Calvin and Michelle, Colin and Charine for going with our young people on the camp.  We thank your Lord and Saviour for keeping His mighty hand on all!  Our young people came back exhausted, but glowing!  We will be confirming these young people on Sunday 19 October at the 9:15am and 6pm services. Please come and join us for this wonderful service!  The Confrimands have journeyed with us this year and have come to know the Lord in a real and deep way.  Thank you to all who have done the teaching, given up Sunday afternoons and ploughed into the lives of these precious people.  Thank you Shaun, Calvin, Charine, Shauneen, Craig and Des.  God bless this ministry to your youth!




This happens on the weekend of 9 – 12 October at Baviaanspoort Correctional Facility.  Craig Gainsford is the weekend leader, and so much work and preparation has gone into this outreach.  We pray that the residents of the correctional facility will have a real and deep encounter with our Lord.  Thank you to all who have baked cookies for Kairos.  We really appreciate your time and effort.


Country market


This happens on 25 October here at the church.  We are all looking forward to this event.  This is our major fundraising event of the year.  There is still space for more tables with crafts and goodies to sell.  If you would like to have a table, please contact Grant and he will give you all the necessary information.  We need you to assist and help us in this regard, we need your hands and feet to help on the day, we need pancake ingredients, cakes for the tea garden, sweeties for the Sunday School stall, help in setting up and breaking down,  and most importantly, we need you to tell your friends and family and to come along on the day to enjoy this time with us.  There will be good entertainment for the young people, go-karts, jumping castle, face painting, sand-art, computer game challenges and so much more.  We also have the competition draw for the Jon-way scooter, TV, educational voucher and other prizes.  If we each sell a book or two of tickets, we will reach our target, and make the day a huge success!  Please come and help us with this!  We really need every body to get involved and make this work for us!


Christmas letters


We have a ministers fraternal going here at Midstream Methodist Church, and it was decided along with the Bondev to have a combined Christmas Carol evening.  This will happen on 28 November at Midstream Ridge Primary School, in the school hall.  The evening is called:  Christmas letters!  There will be two productions on the same evening.  The first at 6pm and the second at 8pm.  There is no entry fees, but tickets can be obtained from the church office from 15 October.  Supper will be available for a recommended donation before and after the production.  All the funds raised will be split equally and each of the four churches will give the proceeds to a charity or two of their choice.  If you would like to take part in the choir, production, or any other way, please contact Colin van Son or Jen so that you can be a part of this exciting event!

It is so good and pleasant to see the brethren work together – Psalm 133:1.  This has been such a wonderful way for the four churches to come together and work together!  We praise and thank our Lord for this wonderful opportunity!


Christmas play


On Sunday 30 November, 9:15am service, our Sunday School and Teen Church will be doing a Christmas play.  Thank you Charine and all the Sunday School teachers, and Teen Church leaders for taking the time to do this for us.  If you would like to be involved in this, please contact Charine.




On Sunday 30 November, 6pm, we will go carol singing through the Retirement Village.  We will take cupcakes and muffins to give to the residents.  Please come and join us.  If you can play a guitar, sing, carry a candle, carry a basket with cupcakes or just enjoy the evening singing carols, please come and join us.  We will have three groups of folk walking in the different directions and then all meet up and have some community singing to end off with.  I am really looking forward to this event.  It is such a blessing to be a blessing to others.  And this is our chance to do just that.


Christmas Services:


We will have a Crib service on 24 December at 6pm.  Our Christmas Day service will be at 8:30am on Christmas morning and the New Year’s Eve service at 6pm on 31 December.  Please come and join us for these services.  I really look forward to seeing you at these services.



We have finalised our financial figures for September 2014. 

Plate and Tithe income for the month was R126 575, down 5.8% on last month, up 17.5% on last September , and 6.2% below budget.  Cumulative Plate and Tithing for the year is 20.4% up on last year.   Another blessed month – Praise the Lord!


Thanksgiving:  Over and above September Plate & Tithe, the Church received R11 985 for Thanksgiving contributions for an aggregate total of R51 275 over the last two months.   Praise the Lord and blessings to the contributors.


Buildings and Bond:  The Society repaid R11 922 in debt.  There is R360 000 available for draw down for the Sanctuary Extension Project, unchanged from last month.    


Acquisition of Moveable Assets:  R7 730 was spent on buildings (gates) and R885 was spent on equipment (cables). 


Fundraising:  In September we had a R25 755 inflow from the proceeds of fund raising, rentals, extraordinary income, seder, shoes, feed a friend, contributions for the stewards of the poor work, etc., and a R5 000  contribution to the building fund. 


In giving we receive:  We tithed R32 000, being R1 000 to New Beginningz, R1 000 to youth meals, and R30 000 to Red Frogs, the Christian organization that looks out for boisterous youths attending post matric parties at the coast and ensures they are looked after in the event they land in trouble (for many reasons but also including drinking or drug related overindulgence).   The Church’s cumulative outreach expenditure for 2014 stands at R189 046. 

Cash on hand at the end of the month was R143 048 (with R6 718 outstanding for Plate deposits), up from R120 116 at the end of August.  

We have been truly blessed by everybody’s contributions. Praise the Lord!

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Below a brief overview:


I would like to thank you for your continued obedience to the Lord in your giving.  When we obey the Lord, and tithe to the work of the church, we are blessed and God does open the windows of heaven and rains down the blessings on His church. Tithing is something so close to the heart of the Lord, and we read in Malachi that if we tithe, bring our 10th to the house of the Lord, the Lord will bless us.  This is the only time that we are encouraged to test and see that God is always trustworthy.  Thank you for giving!  We are so aware of the tight economic times that we are living in, and yet as we open our hearts and hands to the Lord, He will look after us, He will provide and sustain us in all that we do.

I look forward to seeing you at all the events that we have planned for the rest of this year.

I look forward to you popping in here at the church office to come and have a cup of something with us. 

God bless and keep you now and always in the palm of His mighty hand.  May our Lord bless your family and your home.  May you enjoy the peace that only He can give


Shalom to you!


Love always




All people CAN be saved. We are all equally the objects of God’s love, and no one is beyond the reach of Christ’s saving grace.
‘For it is by his grace you are saved, through trusting him; it is not your own doing. It is God’s gift, not a reward for work done.’ (Eph. 2:8)
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