From the Desk of Jen Botha

Thinking aloud with my pen…….

Good morning to you all on this beautiful day!  The cold crisp night, the cold mornings and the beautiful days are always such a blessing!

Thank you for worshipping here at Midstream Methodist Church.  It is always so good to see you all here on a Sunday.  I am so grateful that I have got to know so many of you and the lasting friendships that are being forged is so beautiful.

Thank you May-Elaine for taking part in the CEO sleep out last week in Sandton.  Thank you for contributing in such a huge way to the boys and girls at Boys and Girls Town.  Thank you for setting an example for us all to follow!

I would like to thank Calvin and Michelle, Colin and Charine, Willem and Debbie for stepping in and taking the youth to a different place.  The Friday evening sessions and the sessions on Sunday mornings are so power-packed!  Thank you for giving of your time and devotion to God to walk with our young people.

Thank you to Charine and all the Sunday School teachers who are here every Sunday to teach our younger folk.  Thank you for all you do and all that you are to each of the young folk.  God bless you all!

We will be hosting a holiday club from 29 June to 3 July for all Primary School children.  Come and have fun with us!  We meet at 7:30am in the morning and will run until 13h00 every day.  The children will have a snack mid-morning and lunch before they go home every day.  On Thursday 2 July, at 6:30pm the children will entertain their parents to a concert.  Please come and see what your child has been up to in the week.  This is such an action packed week!  There will be someone here from 6:30am in the morning so that the early leavers can bring the children to church on the way to work.  There is a cost of R30 per child per day to cover the food and activities that we will be doing.  Please contact Michelle or Louise at 012 940 9301 for any further details

We will have a new members coffee and pudding evening on 25 June – 6:30 to 8pm here at the church.  If you have not attended a meeting such as this where you can meet the leaders and get to hear the vision of the church, please come and join us.  Phone Louise at 012 940 9301 to tell her that you are coming.  We would love to meet you and get to know you.  It is important that we belong to a community, and if this is where you would like to let your roots grow deeper, please come along on Thursday evening.

We have started the process to draw and discuss the plans for the extension of the sanctuary.  We have raised a fair amount of money towards this project, and I encourage all of you to get involved in this project in whatever way you can.  Please contact Heinz in this regard.  082 469 2872

Our Bible School has completed the first term of Study – Law and History of the Old Testament.  It has been a really good term, and we have all worked very hard.  Tomorrow evening they write their first exam.  God be with you all as you prepare for the paper.  The next term will commence on 21 July 2015.

We want to have a kite flying day on 16 August after the 9:15am service.  We will make the kites, and then fly them.  We will have a competition to see who can stay up the longest, who makes the most colourful kite, etc.  We will have the Grill Shack up and running so that we can have lunch at the church while we make and fly kites for the day.  Please come and join us and have some fun in the wind and sun!  I have not flown a kite for years, and would love to do this again.  Come on Moms and Dads, come and put your skills to the test and do this with our children.  I can’t wait for this! 

I pray that you will continue your journey with us to a deeper place with our Lord.  That you will be blessed in all that you are and all that you do.

Keep warm!

God bless and keep you in the palm of His hand.

With my love







All people CAN be saved. We are all equally the objects of God’s love, and no one is beyond the reach of Christ’s saving grace.
‘For it is by his grace you are saved, through trusting him; it is not your own doing. It is God’s gift, not a reward for work done.’ (Eph. 2:8)
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