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From the Desk of Jen Botha

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9 April 2014

A very good morning to you all!  It is hard to believe that it is almost Easter, and that this year is flying by so fast.   I hope and trust that you are your household, family and friends are all well!

Things have got off to a flying start here at the Church this year, and there have been great changes in the daily life of the church.

Shaun Lepele has been very ill, and in hospital for almost three weeks.  He is home and recovering at this time, and we all pray for a full and speedy recovery.  The office is so quiet without him here.  Shaun, we pray for you in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour.  We pray that this time of recovery will be a time of your drawing closer to our Lord in a deeper and more significant way.

Michelle Marlin is offering as a candidate for the Deacon Ministry.  Deacons are ordained into the life and ministry of the Church in the category of Word and Service.  Michelle is here at the office during the mornings, and will be doing the pastoral work with me.  Please come in and meet Michelle, have a cup of something with her.  We welcome you, Michelle into our hearts and lives, and trust that this time of training, learning and ministry will be very fulfilling and happy.

And now to just catch base with you all:

Lamp posts in the Estate:

I am sure that by now you have notices the draping around the lamp posts in the Estate, and more especially here in the Bible belt around Midstream Methodist Church.  The management of the Estate along with the Ministers Fraternal decided to do this to draw attention to Lent and to Easter.  The poles were first draped in black signifying the time of repentance for Lent.  The red on the black signifies the blood of Jesus, and during the Easter Weekend, the poles will be covered in white to signify the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. 

Please tell folk who ask.  This message has gone out to all the churches, and we have told our congregations about this.  I think that this is such a beautiful initiative, and I thank the folk from Bondev for taking the initiative and also for doing the work for us.

Easter-tide begins this Sunday – 13 April for us here

Sunday 13 April – Palm Sunday.  Services at 7:30am, 9:15am and 6pm

Monday 14 to Wednesday 16 April – We will have services every evening at 7pm.  Please come and join us for this time of worship and teaching.

Thursday 17 April – Passover meal with Dr Michael from Jews for Jesus.  This begins at 7pm.  Please let me know if you would like to attend this Passover meal.  Michael will be leading us in a teaching about Jesus in the Passover.  This is so enlightening and informative.  Not to be missed!!

After the Passover meal, we will have the Tennebrae Service (Service of Darkness).  This will start at 8:30pm.  Please come and join us for this service.  This is the preparation service for Good Friday.

We will start the prayer vigil at 9:30pm.  Come to the church and spend some time in prayer here.  There are 30 minute slots for you.  There is a prayer guideline to guide you through the time of prayer.  Prayer is the essential part of our worship, and this is the time to come and pray for ourselves, our loved ones, our church and our nation.

Friday 18 April – Good Friday  service is at 8am.  Please bring white flowers with you to the Good Friday service.

Sunday 20 April – Easter Sunday.  We will have our first service will be at 6am  here at the church.  We will join with the other Churches here at Midstream and watch the sun rise.  We will remember the time when the women went to the tomb and found that the Lord had risen from the dead.  This is a first!  And I ask you all to come and join us.  Bring your chair and some hot-cross buns.  We will have coffee and hot-cross buns after the service

At 9am we will have our morning worship service here at the church.  Please come to both the services if you can.

After the 9am service, we are going to Retire at Midstream to search for Easter eggs with the residents at Retire.  I ask that you bring Easter eggs to church this Sunday for this Easter egg hunt. 

Please wear a fancy hat to the Easter Egg hunt with the folk at Retire.  Again this is a new initiative and a time when we can just be with the folk at Retire.  Last year we went and sang Christmas Carols there and brought so much cheer to the people, and this year, we would like to do the same at this Easter time.  We will be there from about 10:15 to about 11:30 or so. 

Children always bring the element of surprise and joy, and we would like the children to go and hunt for the eggs with the residents at Retire.  We will also take Easter eggs to the folk at the Frail Care.

Please would you join us in the time of spreading the good news of the Love of our Lord at Easter time.

It is really so exciting to do the work of our Lord here at Midstream, and to see the enthusiasm that is spreading among us.  Thank you for all the support that you give to me and for all the love and joy that you all bring to my life!


We would like to run an Alpha Course again this year.  Because of all the holidays that happen now, we will begin the Alpha Course on Thursday 8 May at 18:30.

We will start with supper together and then have the teaching and small group discussion.  We will be finished by 9pm.  Please come and join us, even if you have done this all before, it is good to do it again and again.  I would love to have you journey with us on this road.

Grill Shack

We will be selling pancakes and hamburgers on Saturday 12 April at the Pre-primary Fun Day at Midstream Ridge.  Please come along and help us to flip pancakes and to make the legendary hamburgers.  This is the ideal opportunity to offer your services to the fundraising ventures of the church.  We still need some eggs, vinegar, oil, sugar and cinnamon please.  You can bring it to the church, or make the batter at home and bring it to the Pre-primary school at Midstream Ridge.

New member’s breakfast

This will take place on 24 May 2014.  If you have not yet attended a breakfast, and would like to formally become a member of this church, please contact Jenni at the office

Feed a friend

We will be packing food again on 10 May 2014 from 8 – 11.  Please bring your filled Grub Tub back to the office.  We rely on your hands and feet to pack the food.  Please let me know if you are able to come and pack.  We need you!  Everything else is here, and now we need your help to do this outreach.


I really look forward to having a cup of something with you all.  Please pop in and come and chat for a while.  We grow as we meet with each other. 

I look forward to seeing you at the Holy Week services, the Easter Sunrise service and especially the Easter Egg hunt with the fancy hat, at Retire.

God bless and keep you all.

With my love







All people CAN be saved. We are all equally the objects of God’s love, and no one is beyond the reach of Christ’s saving grace.
‘For it is by his grace you are saved, through trusting him; it is not your own doing. It is God’s gift, not a reward for work done.’ (Eph. 2:8)
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